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The African Leaders and Partners Forum (“Forum”) was inaugurated in 2023, with the support of the African Union Mission in Washington, DC, and witnessed the participation of African Ambassadors to the USA, senior representatives of the U.S. government, and global financial leaders. 

Our mission is clear:  to help organizations forge sustainable, mutually beneficial partnerships within a supportive community committed to good governance, ethics, conduct, and compliance. . 

For foreign businesses, this serves as your gateway to Africa – a land rich in resources and ripe with opportunities, yet complex in its diversity and challenges. The forum is tailored to unravel these complexities, serving as breeding grounds for innovative solutions where challenges are transformed into opportunities. 

Why Become a Member

Whether you're aiming to expand your network, explore new markets, expand your multinational operations, or  launch a business, the Forum offers a tailored approach to achieve your business development goals while navigating the complexities of the African business landscape.

By subscribing to our membership, you gain access to a unique value proposition through our annual membership fee per individual. Members enjoy the following benefits:


Community Engagement

connect with distinguished leaders from EBII's extensive network at exclusive, tailored events, fostering valuable connections and collaborations within a supportive community committed to good governance, ethics, conduct, and compliance.


Tailored Business Development

Whether you're aiming to expand your network, explore new markets, grow your multinational operations, or launch a business, the Forum offers a customized approach to achieving your goals within the complexities of the African business landscape.


EBII Insight

Access thought leadership and publications. Stay ahead of compliance and business trends with top-tier market insights delivered through webinars, regular newsletters, and member interviews, gaining invaluable intelligence to inform your business strategies.


Contribution to Event Topic

Contribute to the selection of annual discussion topics at EBII events, focusing on resolving critical issues such as market and consumer behavior, currency control, regulatory and legal environment, infrastructure, security and safety, environmental and sustainability concerns, and more.


Exclusive Access to EBII's Events

Benefit from exclusive access to all EBII events.


Building Trusted Partnerships

Foster relationships grounded in trust and reliability for mutual growth


Pre-planned Consultations

Engage in pre-planned consultations to ensure each event yields solution-oriented outcomes.


Post-event Follow-up

Benefit from post-event follow-up to coordinate and implement solutions.

Membership Types

Individual Membership

Join the ALP Forum as an Individual Member to engage directly with African Ambassadors, U.S. government representatives, and global financial leaders, contributing to constructive dialogues and collaborations shaping Africa's future.

Corporate Membership

Elevate your corporate engagement with Africa by becoming a Corporate Member of the ALP Forum, gaining privileged access to high-level discussions and networking opportunities with key stakeholders driving economic development and partnerships on the continent

Let's discuss how we can turn your aspirations into realities, envisioning a future where the synergy between foreign innovation and African potential creates a new paradigm in global trade and cooperation. Together, the partnerships forged transcend mere transactions and become catalysts for sustainable growth and shared prosperity.

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